From full service FBOs, to aircraft maintenance, management and charters, to our own into plane fueling services, we perfectly blend the support services elite world travellers' need with relentless focus on safety and international standards.

Proudly local with global reach, we have strategic airport locations in Jeddah, Riyadh, Medina, Yanbu and Dammam, providing your aircraft and crew complete on-the-ground operational and technical support.

We always treat your passengers as our guests, offering a warm welcome and the opportunity to enjoy our luxurious facilities and concierge services.

We offer diversity in the services you need, experience from our longevity in the industry and the reliability of our dedicated staff.

Our aviation service professionals handle over twenty four thousand flights annually throughout our network. As such we are well versed in providing a full range of ground handling and passenger services for for business jets and private carriers.

We provide a full range of aircraft management and charter services under our Part 125 and Part 135 Air Operator Certificates. And we have a dedicated (FAR) Part 145 Base and Line maintenance facility in Jeddah.

Whether it involves ramp services, flight operations or cabin services, we are a seamless extension of our customers' operations.


With such a diverse portfolio of direct services, Arabasco is well positioned to efficiently manage any aircraft type.

We also relieve aircraft owners from the operational, technical and financial complexities that come with the convenience of owning a private jet.

Our customers reap the benefits of having Arabasco manage the total needs of their aircraft and crew.

With round the clock flight and ground operations support, Arabasco offers flexible and tailored solutions that cater for clients' specific preferences and requirements.



We constantly review every element of our operation to ensure we set and sustain rigorous industry leading service standards. So, unlike other aircraft management companies who rely mostly on the capabilities of third parties, we offer the owners of executive aircraft, our own in-house FBO, MRO and Fueling services.

With full service FBO locations in Jeddah, Riyadh, Medina and Yanbu and representation in Dammam, we also offer integrated VIP ramp and terminal handling services.

As you'd expect, we hold an FAA Part 145 Approved Repair Station (BIRY365N) license with capabilities to cover 18 aircraft models of Gulfstream, Challengers, Hawkers, King Airs and Boeing 737s.

We also provide full maintenance planning under CAMO, saving aircraft owners and their crew from all the technical and airworthiness management requirements.

Our customers can also take advantage of placing their aircraft under the coverage of either our Part 125 or Part 135 certificates. So they gain the financial benefits of favourable prices while generating charter revenue to help offset operational costs.

Aircraft maintenance

Our MRO is an FAA approved Part 145 repair station with OEM service center authorizations from Bombardier (CL604/5), Hawker HS-125 Series, all King Air Series as well as from Honeywell and Rockwell Collins avionics.

Our type rated capabilities also includes certified scheduled and AOG support on Gulfstreams (up to G450), BBJs, and Falcons (900/2000).

From assured scheduled maintenance to domestic and regional AOG Support, we offer a comprehensive range of services to maintain your aircraft. Always offering you quality workmanship at reasonable prices


Support Shops

We appreciate how involved keeping your aircraft at peak performance can be. So, in addition, we offer a support shop with a wide range of relevant products and services including:

  • - Battery Shop
  • - Wheel & Brake
  • - Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • - Logistics Support
  • - Component Storage

Ground handling

To us, what happens on the ground is as important as what happens in the air. In providing a seamless service linking both, we provide a full range of ground handling and passenger services for business jets and private carriers.

Arabasco's Private FBO terminals ensure the finest client service, with highly qualified staff to provide a full range of crew and passenger services for business jets and private carriers. We personally receive your aircraft at our VIP ramp, escort you through our private terminal with dedicated immigration and custom controls, and provide our own limousine service to your destination.

Our ground handling services include:

  • Flight Operations and Load Control
  • Ground Support Equipment (GSE)
  • Navigational Aids Calibration & Flight Inspection Services
  • Passenger and Traffic Services
  • VIP Lounge Services
  • Fueling
  • Aircraft Cleaning and Detailing
  • Aircraft Ramp Services

Passenger and Traffic Services

All our passengers receive special attention at all levels. With typical attention to detail, we provide professional bi-lingual staff to ensure friendly and assured service to domestic and international passengers.

We also undertake a full range of passenger services including dedicated crew services desk, passenger check-in, boarding and special assistance.

VIP Lounge Services

To ensure consistently high service standards, we manage and staff our own executive lounges at our network airports. In each, we provide a relaxed atmosphere for our customers, paying close attention to their individual needs.

Our new terminal executive lounges are equipped with a business center, full catering facilities and a meeting room.

Knowing you have high standards, we also know that from ground to air, you expect, the whole experience to be flawless and seamless.

Aircraft Ramp Services

We provide highly professional station management and trained, uniformed, courteous ramp personnel to meet our customers' needs.

Our ramp services include:

  • Aircraft marshaling
  • Aircraft pushback and towing
  • ACU's, ASU's and GPU's
  • Passenger loading and unloading
  • Water and toilet service

Ground Support Equipment (GSE)

As the pre-eminent provider of ground handling services in Saudi Arabia, we have made substantial investments in the latest Ground Service Equipment, and support our customers' needs via fully equipped shops and highly experienced mechanics.


Arabasco's subsidiary UGAFCO provides into-plane services to all types of aircraft in compliance with international quality and safety standards.

UGAFCO is acknowledged as the technology leader and industry leader at King Abdul Aziz International Airport (KAIA), Jeddah. It's the only company in the Kingdom with state-of-art refueling equipment with digital pressure control and electronic refueling management.

UGAFCO was recently awarded as the Best Fuel Supplier at KAIA by the General Authority of Civil Aviation.

Aircraft Cleaning and Detailing

Cleaning your aircraft maintains its expected life, and is a form of preventative maintenance. From wet wash - using the most sophisticated aircraft washing equipment in the Kingdom and fully trained staff - to thorough cabin cleaning.

We can detail any size aircraft, inside and out at our dedicated Aircraft Care Bay.

We offer extremely efficient cabin cleaning services, servicing thousands of flights annually.

Our largest operations deliver quality seamless service for multiple clients with a significant variety of aircraft and cabin service requirements.

Flight Operations and Load Control

For three decades, we have provided our customers with high quality communications, flight dispatch, weight and balance, flight planning, weather service, and clearances services.

Navigational Aids Calibration & Flight Inspection Services

For the past 15 years we have been under contract with the General Authority of Civil Aviation to provide “Navaids Calibration” and “Flight Inspection Services”.

We also provide these services to other Middle East Civil Aviation Authorities. Our crews are all trained and certified as “Flight Inspection Inspectors” by the FAA.

Services Provided include the following:

  • Commissioning and Periodic Flight Inspection of ILSs (CAT-I, CAT II)
  • Commissioning and Periodic Flight Inspection of VORs
  • Commissioning and Periodic Flight Inspection of TACANs
  • Commissioning and Periodic Flight Inspection of NDBs
  • Certification of Conventional Airways
  • Certification of RVSM Airways
  • Certification of SIDs, STARs and Terminal Procedures
  • Certification of RNAV Procedures
  • Commissioning/Calibration of PAR and SAR Radars


With bases in Jeddah, Riyadh, Medina and Yanbu, we offer wide-ranging charter services to leading organisations and individuals in the Kingdom.

With this extensive reach, range and experience, our flight operations team can plan and fly our VIP customers anywhere in the world.

We're proud to act as a valuable business tool to many of the Kingdom's most progressive organisations. It means we offer significant benefits in terms of time- saving ease and convenience.



Navigational Aids Calibration & Flight Inspection Services

We're proud to act as a valuable business tool to many of the Kingdom's most progressive organisations. It means we offer significant benefits in terms of time- saving ease and convenience.

The benefits of our service include:

  • - Flexible scheduling
  • - Convenient locations
  • - Comfortable lounges and fleet
  • - 24/7 departures on demand
  • - Direct connections
  • - Door to door limousine service
  • - Flight planning ensures most direct point-to-point route
  • - Value for money
  • - Time saving

Our fleet includes a range of leading aircraft types for short, mid and long-haul, including: